Friday, May 20, 2011


Richard Wiseman在Paranormality這本書裏提到,曾有一個電視節目主持人(Paul McKenna)在六合彩攪珠那刻,號召過百萬觀眾,集中意志力在某七個數字上,嘗試「影響」結果。





VC said...

why not list some numbers here & test your readers' will-power?

Leona said...

good idea bor. But I don't have millions of readers to influence the lottery....

Alvin said...

4 8 15 16 23 42

Sun Bin said...

right, everybody wins.

each bet of $10 will get $3-4 on average. :)

$3 went to tax, $3-4 went to Jockey Club as operating expenses/etc.

Sun Bin said...


VC said...

Sun Bin, this time we can take the advantage of exceptional huge accumulated pool! therefore your maths not apply.

VC said...

just made a joke for you:


開彩後,卒之中了三個字! Leona長嘆了一聲:"為何我不坦白呢!"

btw, will you suggest us some numbers?

Sun Bin said...

vc, u r right, partly.

that is why i think the only case one should bet is when there are a lot of money in the accumulated bonus pool, i.e >2.5x the total bet amount, in theory, see below for more.

but this only applies for the 1st prize, which takes the bonus pool. i.e., if you were so unfortunate as to get the 2nd prize. you are still out of odd.

舞了 said...

卒之買了6個至今也未得悉的數字, 純粹湊個熱鬧, 兼不想掃別人的興致.

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